Professional Solutions

Professional Solutions


Vital Associates, Inc. is a full-service staffing & recruiting agency. Our primary focus is in the areas of Informational Technology (IT) and Healthcare (Administrative healthcare professionals to Clinical hands on patient care practitioners and Allied healthcare professionals). We work with Federal, State and local Agencies as well as the Commercial sector nationwide to provide that perfect match between job seeker and employer.

It’s our recruitment team that sets us apart from other service providers. We deliver top tier talent in a more cost effective way while focusing on integrity and character to ensure our clients are always protected and our candidates are treated fairly.

Integrating Vital Associates, Inc. into your hiring process can drastically reduce not only your time to hire but also overall departmental attrition rates. Let us help you find the perfect match for your team.


Cycle Recruiting

Full life cycle recruiting encompasses every stage of the recruiting process and starts with the need for a new employee and ends with continual engagement even beyond onboarding the new hire.

Recruiter Strategies

Our niche is offering recruiting services in the IT & Healthcare field (administrative healthcare professionals to Clinical hands on patient care practitioners and allied healthcare professionals).


A contract assignment also known as Temporary assignments is the intended time frame the Client will have a Candidate assigned to their firm. contract assignments can be short term or long term which may change depending on the Client needs. Short term contracts can be seasonal, fill-ins for staff on leave of absence or many other reasons.

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Temporary-to-Hire /

Temp to hire jobs allow you to essentially interview the employee for the entire temporary term. You can consider the following:

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E-Verify compliance, Verification of employment history, Criminal Back ground checks, Qualitive Reference checks, Education and Professional License checks, Testing and skills set inventory, and drug testing.


Compliance – The most basic aspect of an employee’s job. Compliance includes essential company rules, policies, and legal procedures. Dress code, clock-in procedures, and government policies such as HIPPA.

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