• Compliance – The most basic aspect of an employee’s job. Compliance includes essential company rules, policies, and legal procedures. Dress code, clock-in procedures, and government policies such as HIPPA.

• Clarification – A breakdown of their job requirements. The Clarification process lets employees know exactly what is expected of them and who they will be reporting to.

• Culture – A summary of the company culture. What are the official norms of the workplace? What are the unspoken norms? How is work ethic valued? What kind of leadership can be expected from their supervisors?

• Connection – Networking is key to getting ahead in life. Your new hires know this, and they need to be able to network with other employees for information and cooperation. But more than that, your new hires need to be able to connect with others, forming relationships and giving human meaning to showing up at work every day.

• Benefits enrollment

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